5 reasons why your project needs a project manager


Starting a construction project can be a huge undertaking for anyone. From loft conversions to rear extensions, any housing project can be filled with stress and worry, but by hiring a project manager, the construction could not be easier! We’ve put together a list of 5 ways hiring a project manager or architects in Warwickshire can help you with your Warwickshire building project.

1. Manage costs and time

One of the best ways a project manager can help you is by helping keep costs down, while still keeping the project on track. A good project manager will keep an eye on the various costs involved in the project, including equipment hire, labour costs, and materials. Time can be one of the biggest issues on any project, and it is extremely common for construction projects to run over and end up being completed late. A project manager can keep track of the building schedule and ensure certain milestones are met.

2. Provide vision

An effective project manager will work alongside you to curate the right vision for your project. This could be simply helping you come up with garage conversion ideas, or it could be more complex, helping curate a full project plan and schedule for projects worth up to £1 million.

3. Handle any risks

Any construction project comes with a certain degree of risk, no matter how well planned it is. From unreliable contractors to undelivered orders, there’s plenty that can go wrong. A project manager can spot these risks before they occur, and ensure the right measures are in place to prevent them from happening. Or, if mistakes are made, a good project manager can provide damage control.

4. Negotiate

Any construction project involves multiple people and groups, no matter the size. This includes stakeholders, contractors, and anyone else involved. Yet, this can also mean that all these groups can have their own opinions and desires. It is therefore extremely important to have a capable project manager who will be able to carefully negotiate between all these potentially conflicting groups, without causing any damage.

5. Close the project

Finally, a project manager will see the project through to its end and perform all the necessary steps to ensure a stable delivery. They will document and review all the various phases that the project has gone through, evaluating how successful the undertaking has been.

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