Your imagination is limitless, especially when you’re considering making alterations to your home. Here at Keenan Project Designs we thrive off a client’s passion to want to make changes to the house they live in and we want to be part of that passion.

Of course, our imagination can sometimes get the better of us and creating that dream renovation is not always as simple as having an idea and rolling with it. To get the best end result, you need an architect, like those we have at Keenan Project Designs, to transfer your passion onto paper. Architects, like ours, take your vision and blend it with a sprinkle of our expertise to create the perfect renovation cocktail. Together, we can design your perfect new home or extension.

Laying the groundwork

Before our architect comes to the site, you – our client – talks to our surveyor. This is time spent getting to grips with what you are looking for and having those brief discussions about what can be achieved. This allows you to explore all options and details from the word ‘go’. While we work hard to enhance your house dreams, we also pride ourselves in being open and honest with you from the start.

Let’s talk

So, you now have an idea of what can be achieved. You’ve had some thinking time and you’ve probably made a few changes here and there to your initial plans. Now, let our architect help bring your ideas to life. Our architect visits your home. They see what they have to play with, sizing up the potential project. You then sit down and chat. Step one involves our architect listening to you, after all, you are the client and that is something we always remember at Keenan Project Designs. You then share ideas. It’s important for our architects to offer their expert advice, adapting your design ideas to ensure they suit your budget, personality and needs. It’s a joint process and one that you and the architect can do together.

Let’s draw

After talking through your plans, the architect will go away and draw up a design to suit your renovation, using the ideas discussed to create the perfect transformation for your home.
Keenan Projects Designs will create drawings in workable 2D and optional 3D designs, helping you – the client – to really visualise what your end project will look like.

The tweaking process

Once the drawings have been completed, they are shared with you. Of course, on occasion, the drawings created can look slightly different to what you imagined. With this in mind, Keenan Projects Designs offer a free alteration service up until the planning approval stage. We can make any necessary small tweaks to ensure this is exactly what you wanted. You are the client and it is essential to us that you are happy with the drawings.

Finally, ‘congratulations’ are in order! Once your architectural designs complete, you have officially started your renovation journey. Don’t worry if it all seems a little overwhelming, Keenan Project Designs will be there to support you every step of the way.

To discuss an upcoming project, talk to the team at Keenan Project Designs. Not only are we a RIBA Chartered Practice, but we also offer a company ethos of being reliable and trustworthy, with a focus on quality.

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Get In Touch To See How We Can Help With Your Project 0800 233 5787

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