Balsall Common Two Storey Side And Ground Floor Rear Extension

Two Story House 2 - Keenan Project Designs

First time buyers, our clients had bought a project house but wanted to get on straight away with really increasing the size of their new home. We created 2 new bedrooms with ensuites on the second floor while on the ground floor incorporated the existing space with the new created by the two extensions to make one big open area. We worked extremely closely with our structural contractors during the design to ensure it could be built. We created a spacious kitchen-dining area with natural light traveling through the big space. The end product was an airy living area with an extremely modern and different feel to most houses.

Rugby Ground Floor Rear Extension, Side Extension And Garage Conversion


This client loved the area they lived in but found their house downstairs just too restricted due to its size and with a big family it wasn’t suitable for hosting. We opened as much space as possible at the rear and then added a 4 metre extension. We designed a hideaway utility coming off the existing kitchen and a downstairs toilet in the side extension. The client wanted a big kitchen area but needed natural light so we showed remote velux windows in the back part of the specially designed roof and then windows in the side and full length bi folds at the rear. The garage was also converted into a bedroom so that relatives had their own space when visiting.

Bulkington Garage Conversion And Ground Floor Extension

Living Room 5 - Keenan Project Designs

The client had a garage that wasn’t being used and a very small kitchen area as well as a tight layout to existing house. We converted the entire garage to create an open kitchen space as well as a rear extension to allow for a better flowing hallway and back room. KPD redesigned the entire workings of the ground floor to create more space for what was before totally unused.

Rugby Ground Floor Extension


The brief was simple, create as much space as possible without having to go to planning and for minimal cost so that the house could be sold for more money. So, we created a ground floor rear extension of 3 metres, attached it to an existing extension and knocked through internally, created a downstairs toilet and utility area and made it all as open plan as possible with as much natural light as we could finished in render. The result was an affordable extension build creating a real wow factor to the rear of the property.