Barford Orangery Extension


This client owned a manor house with a great deal of land to the rear and wanted an extension to accentuate the view as well as being a usable space. Instead of designing an extension with bifold and velux’s we decided to design an orangery allowing as much natural light in as possible and giving the client as best view as possible. This consisted of a brick built orangery with a dwarf wall around the outskirts, a usable kitchen and breakfast area looking out to the country side.

Meriden Orangery Extension

Our client had an existing conservatory at the rear of their property but it wasn’t used regularly and they wanted a bigger more robust room for dining. We proceeded to design and draw plans for an orangery extension, that way the client still had a great amount of natural light but a more robust brick build. We designed it so that it was a clear difference to the existing house as per clients request and really made it a feature room to look out to the garden when dining.