Nuneaton Renovation And Interior Design


First time buyers, our clients had bought a project house but wanted to get on straight away with really increasing the size of their new home. We created 2 new bedrooms with ensuites on the second floor while on the ground floor incorporated the existing space with the new created by the two extensions to make one big open area. We worked extremely closely with our structural contractors during the design to ensure it could be built. We created a spacious kitchen-dining area with natural light traveling through the big space. The end product was an airy living area with an extremely modern and different feel to most houses.

The Grange School Conversion


The school at the time was not a school and was a 4 storey manor house with another education building at the rear. The layout didn’t suit the needs of a school and needed to be much more efficient. We started by understanding the sort of numbers per classroom and sized them to suit by altering no structural internal walls to minimise cost for the client. We then went onto opening up the communal spaces for ease and safety as well as introducing bigger doors to the rear building leading onto a new canopy design. The end product was building that flowed well and suited the needs of our customer.