The Ultimate Guide to Loft Conversion


Adding a loft conversion to your home is one way to make great use of unused space, and can be a far better solution than moving to a new property or even building a rear extension. Loft solutions can be fitted out in a variety of ways, including as an extra bedroom, modern office space to work at home, or a playroom/teenage hangout for the kids.

One main reason to opt for the loft conversion solution is that it is the most cost-efficient solution, and adds considerable value to the price of any home.

How much is a loft conversion then?

Prices for professional conversions do vary tremendously, but one of the major benefits is that planning permission is not usually required. You will need to comply with Building Regulations when it comes to the heating, lighting, ventilation, and access arrangements into the converted roof space though. And, you’ll also need to have a suitable roof, in good condition.

If you just intend to carry out the most basic loft conversion to your home, you can expect to pay from £15,000 upwards, but costs will depend on the amount of remodelling needed. You can expect one of the largest expenses to be the alterations needed to fit a new staircase to the loft room. I don’t want to commit to pricing as it varies too much and normally it is the dormer itself which is the most expensive. Using architectural design services to plan out the space most effectively is one way to make the most of your loft area and ensure eaves and landing space is shouldn’t this be ‘are’ utilised in full.

More on costings for loft conversion ideas

If you simply want to create the most basic loft room at a basic cost of around £15,000, you’ll need to factor in:

– Reinforcing the floor
– Fitting skylights
– Insulation
– Fitting the staircase
– Building Regs safety measures including fire doors and smoke alarms need to be fitted, alongside lighting, electrics, and heating

Section above is fine but again no costing

Adding dormer windows to the loft gives more space, and also makes it easier to fit the staircase in a more suitable position. The price for this type of loft conversion will start at around £20,000. However, the added floor space achieved means you could fit a bedroom with en suite into the loft and this would bump up costs to £35,000+.

Don’t like any of this as I don’t like saying prices.

If you really want to customise your loft conversion to make the most of the area at the top of your home, you could think about completely rebuilding your roof. The most popular options are hip-to-gable loft conversions or mansard conversions. You would need to acquire planning permission for this work, however, and costs would start at around £40,000.

Hardly ever happens and again mention of cost

If you’re in the Warwickshire or West Midlands and would like to learn more about converting the dead space in your loft, why not get in touch with Keenan Project Designs today? We’re happy to advise and provide expert architectural design services to meet any client’s requirements.

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