How much does it cost to build your own house? A question we, as industry experts, get asked regularly. Especially as the price of houses continues to creep up, there’s no denying it can be tempting to consider making your dreams a reality by building your own home. Of course, it’s a difficult question to answer, as every build is of course different. Here, the team at Keenan Project Designs have dug a little deeper into the true cost of building your own house in 2022, and the several factors that can impact the price. 

How much does it cost to build a house?

In short, it’s estimated that the building costs will be between £1,800 and £3,000 per square metre. With this in mind, the price will vary depending on size:

  • A two-bed house: £190,000 to £280,000
  • A three-bed house: £245,000 to £365,000
  • A four-bed house: £295,000 to £440,000
  • A five-bed house: £320,000 to £480,000

Of course, as well as the size of your house, a number of things can affect the overall price including the likes of location, design, and quality of the building materials.

How much of the work do you take on yourself?

Knowing how much of the project you are going to take on yourself can vary as the build continues – for example, as you spend more, you might consider doing more of the work to cut down costs. If possible though, it’s always better to plan ahead and think about which parts of the build will be DIY and at which stages you will choose to bring in the professionals. 

There are, of course, some parts of the building process that must be done by professionals and therefore should always be accounted for, including:

  • Planning applications
  • Self-build insurance
  • Building regulation applications and surveys
  • Site surveys and reports
  • Structural engineers
  • Legal fees and/or stamp duty land tax (which needs to be paid when purchasing land over a certain price to build on)
  • Waste clearance
  • Potential demolition costs, depending on whether the site is already clear or not

The cost of contractors

It might be that you want to give some of the construction work a go yourself, or you might choose to hire professional tradesmen and contractors – which, of course, come at an additional cost, but will ensure a higher quality overall finish. 

These optional costs include:

Then, there are many structural factors and material costs that will be essential to the overall price, including:

  • The actual roof, roof beams, walls, and cladding
  • Bricks or timber
  • Foundations and flooring

Additionally, there are the costs of internal rooms, for example:

  • A new kitchen
  • Bathrooms and toilets
  • Internal woodwork

Are you ready to build your dream home?

Building your dream home can be a lot more cost-effective than buying one straight off the market – and working with the right people is key to getting the most from your budget. Keenan Project Designs provides an award-winning architectural service, offering vital advice and support needed to those building their dream home or renovating their current house. We produce high-quality, professional drawings, helping your dreams become a reality.

We are a RIBA Chartered Practice, serving residents in Warwickshire and beyond, including Rugby, Coventry, Leamington Spa, Kenilworth, Northampton and Solihull.

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